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                9月10日 Dr. Tatiana M. Tsagaraki:Microbial food web structure in a changing Arctic



                Dr. Tsagaraki’s research interests lie within marine microbial ecology with a focus on understanding the mechanisms that control microbial food web structure and function. Specifically she is interested in predator/ prey interactions and how these shape community dynamics and community elemental composition, what triggers changes in composition and what repercussions these changes have to food web functionality. The driving force of her research is to understand the energy transfer from the microbial food web to higher trophic levels and nutrient cycling. Her research goal is to connect the interactions and processes She study to changing ecosystem health and resilience, and potential cascading effects on society and the environment.

                She utilize field, experimental and modelling approaches in a wide, collaborative network since believe the challenges presented in multidisciplinary environments create essential, thought provoking ideas with great potential to move science forward.