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                9月10日 Kees Jan van Groenigen:Exploring the limitations of soil carbon storage



                Dr. Kees Jan van Groenigen is a biogeochemist. Throughhis research, he tries to understand how plants and soil respond to - andinfluence - environmental change. He has studied carbon and nutrient cycles ina wide range of ecosystems, including grasslands, cropland, temperate forestsand rice paddies. He often uses meta-analytic techniques to synthesize findingsin his field of research. He also studies the role of soil microbes in carbonand nitrogen cycles, using techniques such as incubation experiments, isotopictracers and analyses of biomarkers.He has been editor for a number of journals, such as Biogeosciences andPlant and Soil. He has authored more than 60 publications, with total citationsof >4500. Most of his recent works have published in top journals such asNature, Science, Nature Climate Change, PNAS, Science advance and Global ChangeBiology as first or corresponding author.