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                9月6日 Xin Duan: Molecular and Genetic Assembly of Retinal Circuits


                Xin Duan was born in Shandong, China, matriculated at Tsinghua University in Beijing and graduated with Highest Honor. He then moved to the United States and attended the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine for graduate studies in Neu-roscience. Xin Duan was awarded the Young Investigator Award at Hopkins upon graduation and carried out postdoctoral training at the Laboratory of Dr. Joshua Sanes at Harvard University, where the research focused on retinal circuit wiring during development and rewiring subject to diseases and injuries. Xin Duan recently joined the Departments of Ophthalmol-ogy and Physiology at UCSF and is launching an independent research program on retina circuit study. He has a bold vision on developing and utilizing cutting-edge neuro-technology to wire retinal circuits and restore visual functions.